Reiki Hands Positions for Self Healing

healingIf you have been attuned (Reiki1), the simple act of placing the hands on oneself or on another person allows the Reiki energy to automatically flows.

On the second attunement (Reiki2) you will learn 3 of the Reiki Symbols and your energy levels will increase drammatically and become really powerful.

The energy flows wherever it is needed and it cannot be forced to go to a particular place. Hence the energy will go to the source of the problem and not just to the manifesting symptom.

During a typical session place your hands on the different locations of the body for 3-5 minutes each, or hold until you feel you should move your hands away ( use your intuition). Cup hands slightly, fingers holding together, the lighter the touch the better.

The person being treated usually lies on a couch or is sitting on a chair.

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