Reiki Treatment in Chester- Cheshire

How a reiki treatment in Chester –Cheshire works

treatmentThe process of a Reiki treatment is very simple. At Angel Reiki Cheshire, our reiki treatment is carried out with a client lying on a couch and they remained fully clothed although they are asked to remove their shoes.

The Practitioner places her hands very gently on specific places on the head and body and either holds them still or occasionally taps gently with the fingertips or pats lightly with the flat of the palm.

Reiki as a vibrational energy flows through anything, treating a person holistically -body, mind-consciousness-emotions and spirit. Reiki helps break down energetic blockages, clearing and balancing the chakras and straightening the energy pathways (meridians) so that the energy is allowed to flow healthily around the whole body.

How the reiki energy works during  a treatment

The energy will flow where it is most needed without any conscious direction from either the healer or the recipient. Many symptoms can be eased very quickly while others may need lots of Reiki before starting to respond.

Reiki is not a guaranteed ‘cure-all’, because ‘healing’ is not always the same as curing. Healing doesn’t always occur on the physical level first but may occur at the emotional level, releasing anger, guilt or hatered or at the mental level releasing negative thoughts, concepts or attitudes before the physical symptoms can be addressed.

Reiki treatment in Chester – Cheshire to release blockages

A lot of our physical problems more often than not have an emotional cause, or are due to blocked or inharmonious energy somewhere within our system. As the Reiki energy sets about dealing with these issues it will begin to bring these things to your attention.

The usual amount of time that it takes for this process is around three weeks, this is because the energy will spend approximately three days working on each of the seven chakra centres, and as the chakras all contain and represent different aspects of ourselves, the issues that have stored here will start to be released.

Side effects after a reiki treatment in Chester – Cheshire

During the initial three weeks the new energies will begin to establish themselves and will begin to release actual toxins that have accumulated within the body.

This is sometime called Reiki-de-tox:

  • runny nose
  • colds
  • diarrhoea
  • headaches
  • sweating

These side effect may occur during the detox but not necessarily. The detoxification is a very positive thing and is an indication of healing taking place on many different levels.

Positive effects after a reiki treatment in Chester – Cheshire

Usually people feel very well after a reiki treatment. Mostly, blocks are simply released without the client having to experience anything but calmness and a total sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

Where there are lessons to be learnt, the resulting emotions may need to be experienced fully before they can be released. Sometimes healing occurs through dreams.

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