What is Reiki

reiki-1The word Reiki comes from the Japanese alphabet which consists of two symbols. “Rei” means Universal Life and “Ki” means Force, Power, Energy.

As a whole Reiki is generally translated as Universal Life Force Energy, the essence out of which all things manifest.

Reiki is a complete system of Natural Haling and Growth. Reiki by its very nature will help to establish inner harmony, balance and well-being for those who are in contact with the energy whether as a client or as a practitioner.

We talk about ‘energy’ in different ways referring to energy sources such as gas, electricity etc. Einstein and later quantum physics have explained that at an atomic level everything that exists in the Universe is energy, vibrating and oscillating at different rates and that physical matter and energy are just two forms of the same thing. So energy is all there is.

We are familiar with some energetic vibrations such as sound, light, radio waves or X-rays. These are all part of the electromagnetic spectrum and from a scientific perspective the only difference between these various forms of energy is oscillate at a different frequency or vibration.

Human beings are also comprised of electromagnetic energy and every cell, atom and subatomic particle that make up the human body are vibrating at different rates depending on their biochemical structure. For example we can measure the specific electrical output of the heart with ECG (electrocardiogram).

Reiki balances the energy and raises your vibrations. Science has now confirmed that an unseen energy flows through and connects all living things and is called in various different names. Reiki is one of them.

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